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Faq Section

Our FAQ will help you better understand how we develop your learning experiences, and a little more!

Please connect with us and we’ll be happy to answer any other questions you may have.

How much do learning experiences cost?

We wish we had a silver bullet answer, but as with any custom development project we’ll first need to identify which learning experience is the best one for your needs. 

Due to the range of products we can produce, it’s difficult to accurately estimate what features we’ll need to develop for your custom learning experience.

Please connect with us for a free 30-minute discovery call, from there we can better identify if we can help.

How long does a learning experience take to develop?

Again, this all depends on the experience that will work best to achieve your objectives in whatever timeline that works best for you.

We do our best to work as efficiently as possible and employ accessible project management tools to ensure you are abreast of all development timelines and milestones. 

Please connect with us for a free 30-minute discovery call, from there we can better identify if we can help.

We have our own in-house team of learning developers. Why would we need a contractor?

Many organizations already have a learning developer, maybe even a team, so how can we help?

Well, we can take away the burden of learning experience development time, allowing your team to implement “bigger picture” strategies. Plus, we have all the learning experience development tools at our disposal.

Please connect with us for a free 30-minute discovery call, from there we can better identify if we can help.

How do we make changes/maintain our finished learning experience?

That’s purely up to you. We would very much appreciate strengthening our working relationship and are happy to help make any changes to your learning experience, just contact us we can discuss your requirements.

You may also wish to maintain your learning experience within your organization’s learning development team. We’ll be sure to discuss this during our development process to discover which option is the best for you.

What happens to all the source files once development is complete?

All files, images, code and anything else developed for your learning experience is yours to keep. We’ll ensure you have access to everything.

Our organization’s information contains sensitive/private data. Where do you host your development source files?

All development files are stored on an encrypted, cloud-based service that protects against theft, data loss and corruption. This service can be accessed by anyone you wish in your organization, just let us know and we’ll set it up.

After our project is complete and all files have been transferred to your own network, we delete them from our cloud service after a period of 30 days.

If you prefer to use your own private networks, let us discuss how we can use it safely and discreetly.

Wye….what? How do you pronounce that?

Don’t worry, I’ve heard them all!

Wyeth (Why – uh – th) Krauchi (Crouch – ee).

Wyeth is a Welsh name in origin and its English meaning is “Little Warrior.”

What’s with the polygon mouse at the top of the page?

It’s actually a Pine Marten. Stemming from Anishnaabe culture, the Pine Marten (or Waabizheshi – wha-bee-zeh-she) is known to represent a clan group (or Doodem) responsible for scouting, hunting/gathering and sometimes acts as a little warrior.